Help your company embrace responsible mobility

Mobilize is a unique partner for a more responsible mobility. It provides multiple turnkey solutions making travelling and vehicle charging easier for your employees and customers. In addition, it helps you optimise your fleet management.

our solutions for your employees’ journeys

Mobilize Bento - electric business customer vehicle

Switch to our 100% electric van

Mobilize Bento, small 100% electric and connected van, offering transport solutions designed for your business. Optimise your professional journeys with a driving range of more than 87 mi*, a loading capacity of 1 m³ and an ultra-compact design - ideal for the self-employed and employees alike.


*subject to UK homologation

our solutions make charging your vehicles easy

at work

Mobilize - charging solution

Mobilize Power Solutions helps you find the best solutions for your vehicles and those of your employees: location strategy, installation, operation and supervision, maintenance, energy optimisation, financing and more.

on a business trip

Mobilize - on-the-road charging solution

Access a network of over 30,000 UK charging points part of the 700,000 charging points across Europe including 2,300 IONITY charging points with advantageous subscription packages.

at your employees’ homes

Mobilize - Charging at home

Simplify charging for eligible employees and keep control over your budget. Install connected charging points in their homes.

You can monitor their consumption remotely and reimburse them directly.

our services to optimise your fleet

Mobilize - Fleet management

monitor, manage, and optimise your fleet in real time

Mobilize Fleet Connect - a comprehensive digital platform for managing your connected fleet. 


Improve your TCO using the data transmitted by your vehicles to analyse and manage your fleet


*WLTC cycle pending official UK homologation in 2024. WLTC figures shown are for comparability purposes. Actual real-world driving results may vary depending on factors including the starting charge of the battery, accessories fitted after registration, weather conditions, driving styles and vehicle load.