Manage your fleet in real time

Our Mobilize solutions can help you streamline mobility for your employees and your customers. With our offers, developing, managing and optimising your fleet is easy.
Mobilize - Cost management

Mobilize Fleet Connect helps you keep a close eye on your fleet

Discover Mobilize Fleet Connect: a connected management platform that lets you view your data, geolocate vehicles, monitor the life cycle of your fleet, and even optimise your routes, costs and car sharing.

Mobilize - Fleet

Smart charge

Stay informed and reduce your fleet’s carbon footprint with the help of smart charge programming.

our other mobility solutions for business customers

Mobilize Bento, mobility with total peace of mind

Mobilize - Fully electric vehicles

Designed as truly customisable service platform, the Mobilize Bento (1 m3 cargo box) quadricycle provides access to city centres and Low Emission Zones and can help optimise your operating costs.


100% electric.87 mi driving range.*


*subject to UK homologation


charging solutions for a successful electric transition

Mobilize - E-mobility

Expert in customised charging solutions, Mobilize Power Solutions makes the switch to e-mobility faster and easier for companies of all sizes and all industry sectors.

From consultation and design to installing and operating the charging units, our turnkey solutions meet all your needs, whether at the office, at your employees’ homes, or on the road.