Our mission

Our mission

Mobilize: We power your mobility

Mobilize, the brand leading you into the future of mobility.


Launched in 2021, Mobilize is THE new Renault Group brand dedicated to mobility. Take advantage of new mobility services for your evolving needs, such as charging solutions, car sharing, subscription, financing, insurance, maintenance and refurbishment. Mobilize promotes a sustainable energy transition and circular economy.


Mobilize - responsible mobility

Mobilize, mobility without constraints

Mobility is changing, and your expectations are based more on use than on ownership. Committed to more responsible mobility without limits, Mobilize meets these expectations by offering simple, economical and more sustainable services.

towards more responsible mobility

Mobilize reinvents tomorrow’s mobility

Mobilize offers services to assist individuals and business customers towards more sustainable and responsible mobility.

Mobilize - energy management
promoting a more responsible mobility with car sharing and leasing
100% electric mobility service - Mobilize
encouraging the use of electric vehicles by offering charging at home, at the office and on the road
Mobilize - leasing, subscription and car sharing
reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions by optimising journeys

our expertise

Mobilize, a complete ecosystem for innovative and responsible mobility

Mobilize can provide each user with comprehensive, flexible and simple solutions through its technological platform. Enjoy a streamlined driving experience with our connected vehicles.

the efficiency of a fully integrated offer

Mobilize is a complete ecosystem that brings together the best engineering, services, financing, and maintenance provided through the expertise of Renault Group and its partners.

Mobilize’s customised and all-inclusive offers make individual mobility easy

Electric vehicle design and repair expertise.

Pioneer of 100% electric vehicles in Europe, Renault Group is ahead of the game in terms of design, efficiency, maintenance and repair.

Mobilize can count on Renault Group’s after-sales network and its 6,000 points of contact throughout Europe.

Mobilize, aiming high

Mobilize aims to make mobility more responsible, sustainable and accessible to everyone. Mobilize offers a complete ecosystem that meets the needs of private individuals, businesses and even mobility operators, based on the expertise of all of its partners.