Charging solutions for business customers

Mobilize Power Solutions

If you need to provide a charging solution for your employees, your fleet or the general public, Mobilize Power Solutions will help you to build and deploy an appropriate charging strategy for your business, regardless of the size of your company or the sector you work in.

Solutions for everybody

recharging at home for your employees

Mobilize - Charging point

In some cases, installing a charging point in your employee’s home can be an efficient and economical solution compared to public charging stations.


With our supervision platform, you can monitor their consumption and reimburse them at actual cost or at a fixed rate.

recharging for your customers

Mobilize - electric vehicle charging

If your business is open to the public, offering a charging point can be a great way to enhance your appeal and boost your turnover.


We will guide you in designing an infrastructure that meets your objectives by offering you a modular and reliable charging service.

charging at work

Mobilize - Charging point

We are making it easier for you to switch to electric with made-to-measure battery charging solutions for your fleet and your employees.


From the design and installation of charging stations, to their supervision and maintenance, we offer a complete turnkey solution. 

Supervision platform

Mobilize power solution - charging point

manage your charging points

When you install charging terminals, you also need to optimise their use, access and operation. To achieve this, you need full, centralised visibility of all your charging stations, all the time, wherever you are. Our Mobilize Power Solutions supervision platform allows you to:


  • configure access to the charging points installed on one or more of your sites
  • monitor and analyse their consumption
  • provide simple remote assistance
  • generate income by setting the charging tariffs per kWh and/or per minute
Mobilize power solutions - electric fleet

manage the charging of your fleet

When you electrify all or part of your fleet, it is essential for you to provide your employees with a charging service at the office, in their homes and when they are travelling. Our Mobilize Power Solutions supervision platform is designed to centralise your charging and save you time.

You can manage the rights and access to charging services whilst monitoring the associated costs and consumption.
You get a single monthly invoice for all your charging on public charging stations.

Your employees get:

  • a single Mobilize Business Pass, to charge wherever they go
  • a Mobilize Power Solutions app to guide them easily to charging points when they are travelling
  • reimbursement of their charging at home
  • 24/7 assistance
Mobilize power solutions - app
Mobilize Power Solutions app
Download Mobilize Power Solutions. With one of the largest charging networks in Europe, helps your teams organise and plan safe, stress-free business trips using electric vehicles.

choose MPS for expert guidance every step of the way


Prospective analysis of the charging needs of your fleet, employees and customers/partners; an energy optimisation strategy including local, renewable energy production; and regulatory and technical monitoring.

design and engineering

Sizing of your charging infrastructure, technical feasibility study and budget optimisation.


Supply of equipment, civil and electrical engineering works, as well as the installation of charging infrastructure.


Charging point operation, access management, consumption monitoring, monetisation, user billing, employee reimbursement for home charging, remote assistance.


Our experts provide preventive and curative maintenance for your charging infrastructure. Our technicians can come to your site, but they can also work remotely in some cases. 

What makes us different


More than 10 years of experience in e-mobility.


Charging terminals that have been tested and approved by our engineers.


A supervision platform that operates with all charging terminals.


Solutions that are compatible with all brands and types of electric vehicles (cars, utility vehicles, HGVs and plant vehicles).