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Mobilize power solutions - charging at home

Mobilize Home Charger is Renault & Dacia's approved home charging solution that can be ordered at the same time as buying your new vehicle.  What’s more the home charger can be included in your vehicle finance, making the transaction simple and affordable. 



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Mobilize power solutions - equipment and installation

Mobilize Power Solutions offers a value for money solution* that covers everything from a home survey through to the charging unit, installation and a personalised app. You will be provided a quote upon completion of the initial survey, with no upfront cost.  


*Any additional costs may be incurred through your regional power company/distribution network operator. This will be notified at the survey stage.


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Mobilize power solutions - electric charging solution

Once your survey date has been submitted, you will be contacted by our installation partner, Plug Me In, who will carry out the survey and arrange the installation of your Mobilize Home Charger. You will receive emails throughout the installation journey to let you know what stage of the process you are in. The typical installation takes 5-6 weeks to complete.* 


*depending on the works that may need to be carried out by your regional energy supplier.


the process couldn’t be simpler

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    Make an appointment with a Renault or Dacia network sales advisor to select a socket or charging point, configure the installation and confirm your order.

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    Once all the surveys have been carried out and paperwork completed, your chosen installer should be able to give you a date to install your new home charger. 

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    On the agreed day of installation, your chosen installer will send an engineer to fit the charger. Once completed, ask them to demonstrate how the charger operates to ensure you are confident when it comes to charging your vehicle for the first time.  

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Mobilize power solutions - domestic socket

The Mobilize Home Charger has been developed and manufactured in the UK by INDRA Renewable Technologies Limited. It offers advanced, innovative technology to ensure your vehicle is charged ready for your journey, and if you have an off-peak tariff, you can charge your vehicle at the cheapest time.

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Mobilize power solutions - energy contract

The Mobilize Home Charger costs £1,099 incl VAT**. This includes: 


  • Physical home survey with expert surveyor
  • Mobilize Home Charger unit
  • Tethered cable as standard
  • Standard installation
  • Home charger app to help you get the most out of your unit
  • Automatic remote upgrades
  • Three-year warranty
  • Access to the Indra customer helpline

**The cost does not cover any additional works that may be required by your regional energy supplier. During the installation journey, the customer is notified of additional works required and will liaise with the energy supplier direct.

If you rent or own a flat and have your own off-street parking, you may be eligible for a government grant that gives you up to £350 for the unit and installation. To apply for your grant click here.

government grants

Mobilize - financial assistance

Chargepoint grant for renters or flat owners

You can get either £350 or 75% off the cost to buy and install a socket, whichever amount is lower.

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Mobilize Charge Pass

Mobilize charge pass

At any time, find the closest available charging points on your travels. Available through the largest charging network in Europe (more than 500,000 charging points in 25 European countries) as well as through the IONITY network’s 2,300 very high-performance charging points on the motorway. 


Enjoy special charging rates. 

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Mobilize Power Solutions

Mobilize Smart Charge

When you purchase your vehicle in the Renault network, your sales advisor is on hand to guide you through your transition to electric. 


They simplify the home charger installation process and help you choose the best solution to suit your needs. Mobilize Power Solutions' technical experts will then check the compatibility of your installation and carry out any necessary work before your vehicle is delivered. 

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