Easy charging, even on the road!

Never be at an impasse with Mobilize charge pass

With Charge Pass, you can charge your Renault E-Tech electric or plug-in hybrid quickly and easily on the road!

Enjoy access to the largest charging network with 30,000 charging points in the UK which are part of the 700,000 charging points found across Europe, including over 2,600 IONITY network charging points available on motorways where you can enjoy special rates.

with Mobilize Charge Pass, charging on the road has never been so easy

get the best rates on the market

Mobilize charge pass - fast charging

Select the no-subscription BASIC package, and the INTENSE package at £4.99/month, no commitment required, and get the very best fast charging rates on the Ionity network.

find your charging point easily

Mobilize charge pass - charging point

Find available public charging points nearby with your My Renault app. With the personalised display, finding charging points compatible with your vehicle has never been so easy.

charge and pay with ease

Mobilize smart charge - electric vehicle charging

Charge your vehicle and make secure payments easily using your Mobilize Charge Pass. When you have finished charging, you receive your receipt immediately by email.

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Mobilize Charge Pass

Easily charge your electric vehicle anywhere in the UK and mainland Europe.

discover our packages

BASIC package

Enjoy the BASIC package FREE with no commitment required.




  • Charge card provided for free
  • IONITY network: £0.78**/kWh 
  • Charge prices (in kWh and/or minutes) can be viewed on the My Renault app*
  • Access to over 700,000 charging points throughout Europe


Get a new card for free, if lost or stolen, with My Renault!


INTENSE package

Enjoy the INTENSE package for £4.99/month, no commitment needed**!

We recommend this package if you charge more than 850 miles/year on motorways




  • Charge card provided for free
  • IONITY network: £0.43**/kWh
  • 9% automatic discount on every charge***
  • Access to over 700,000 charging points throughout Europe


Get a new card for free, if lost or stolen, with My Renault!

Mobilize charge pass - app
download the app and order your pass
Mobilize Charge Pass is available for all Renault E-Tech electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles. Order your Charge Pass directly via the My Renault app, by following the “How does it work” tutorial at the bottom of this page. Download the My Renault app now to make the most of it!

Get the details of our rates and offers.

* Price according to charging station operator (excluding IONITY network). See My Renault app for more details.

** Prices in UK valid as of 1st May, 2024 and subject to change. Prices may be adjusted depending on local currencies. 

*** Compared to the basic offer.

Mobilize charge pass - IONITY network

make the most of the IONITY network for very high-power charging

Mobilize Charge Pass users benefit from lower rates on the IONITY network.

IONITY has a vast network of stations throughout Europe with over 2,600 charging points. Most of them are located close to motorways and have a charging power up to 350 kW.

Mobilize charge pass - charging point network

find a charging point

Access the largest European network of charging points and charge your vehicle with complete confidence in over 25 European countries.

Find the charging point suitable for your vehicle with the required charging power and socket type using the filters in My Renault.

How do you use Mobilize charge pass?

Mobilize charge pass - app

In the My Renault app:


1. identify your vehice using either your registration number or VIN number


2. To find information about your pass, go to “Account” and then “Discover charging on the move” section.

Mobilize charge pass - electric charge card

Get your Mobilize Charge Pass card in just a few clicks! It’s free and delivered directly to your home.
1. Log in to your My Renault account.

2. Select “ discover charging on the move” in the account section, then “ view charge pass offers”.

3. Follow the steps and enter your address to receive your pass.
Mobilize charge pass - charging point

When you receive your Charge Pass:


1. Log in to your My Renault app and click on “activate a charge pass”.

2. Enter the code indicated on your Charge Pass (12 digits) and enter your bank details.

3. Your Mobilize Charge Pass will be activated within 24 hours!

After each charge, your receipt will be sent to you by email.

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Mobilize Power Solutions

Mobilize Power Solutions

When you purchase your vehicle in the Renault network, your sales advisor is on hand to guide you through your transition to electric. 


They simplify the home charger installation process and help you choose the best solution to suit your needs. Mobilize Power Solutions' technical experts will then check the compatibility of your installation and carry out any necessary work before your vehicle is delivered. 

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