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Discover our subscription solutions: a wide selection of different vehicles with the Bipi platform. Or try Mobilize Duo and Bento vehicles and see how they are revolutionising urban mobility. Manage your budget with our all-inclusive, flexible offer with no deposit required.
Mobilize - Electric compact vehicles

Mobilize Duo and Bento

Need a city car? Or maybe a van to deliver goods in city centres?

Duo and Bento help make city driving a breeze: connected compact vehicles, 100% electric, rechargeable with a basic socket. Sign up to simplicity!

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Mobilize - Subscription


Adapt the subscription to suit your needs in under 2 minutes, and hit the road without the stress. Insurance, maintenance and assistance are included!


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Mobilize Power Solutions

Mobilize Power Solutions

When you purchase your vehicle in the Renault network, your sales advisor is on hand to guide you through your transition to electric. 


They simplify the home charger installation process and help you choose the best solution to suit your needs. Mobilize Power Solutions' technical experts will then check the compatibility of your installation and carry out any necessary work before your vehicle is delivered. 

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Mobilize Charge Pass

Mobilize - Electric vehicle leasing

At any time, find the closest available charging points on your travels. Available through the largest charging network in Europe (more than 500,000 charging points in 25 European countries) as well as through the IONITY network’s 2,300 very high-performance charging points on the motorway.  


Enjoy special charging rates. 

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